The beginning of a new life


Kita (kindergarten) is hard to find in Berlin. Some people even say it is better to search (and find) a Kita before you search (and find) an apartment. Unfortunately, it is not far from the truth. There are more than 2,000 KiTas in town. The waiting lists can be insane.

How can we help?

As a team, we build ‘search and find’ packages. After the preliminary e-mail we send (drafted according to your specific needs), we have a MONTHLY follow-up for each place, until we find a place for your children.

We highly recommend taking the Kita package IN ADDITION to your active search (i.e real-time ads, not double search).

Extra services to the packages are accompanying you to Kita meetings, assisting with Kita registration and with Kita-Gutschein.

We give personal attention and listen to you.


Eden - "I would like to highly recommend Julia Zehavi to anyone in need of any kind of help regarding paperwork related to kids (and other topics as well).She did an amazing job helping me get the maximum hours Kita Gutschein, including translating and explaining in depth all parts of the application and joining me in the Jugendamt for the meeting. In addition, she explained in depth about the Kita system and also applied in my name for a Kita place in a Kita of my interest. Above all, she is very nice, friendly and positive person and I felt very comfortable talking to her from the very beginning. The price for the service was also very decent and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in hiring her again for any kind of future paperwork I might face."