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Don’t give up on your apartment search, we are here for you!

We search apartments for you, according to your needs, wishes and budget. We have experience with the right formula, so we reach the apartments’ owners and agents more than the average Berliner.

We do the research online and offline, we schedule as many viewings as needed, and we come with you to view the apartment. We are with you all the way!


Relocation Tour

Thinking of moving to Berlin and you don’t know the neighbourhoods, what time of the year to arrive and if Berlin fits you at all?

We hear about Berlin in the media, or from friends. We believe we know what we are going to face. Yet, when we arrive, we find huge gaps between what we thought we know and reality. Berlin is varied, with many different neighbourhoods that suit different populations: hipsters, young families, pensioners, single individuals, relocation employees etc.

The tour is customized for your needs and wishes. During the tour, you will get information about the neighbourhoods, advantages and disadvantages, as well as visiting main locations (not touristic, of course), in order to better ‘feel’ the place and its environment. Each tour lasts approximately 3-4 hours.

In this tour, you will also get information about the process you have to go through when (and before) you arrive. We include basic terms and tips for living in Berlin, kindergartens and schools, bank account options, registration, health insurance, and more.

After the tour, we give you an information guide with a summary of what we discussed during the tour (and some more).

Price for the tour, preparation before and information guide is 250€ (VAT included).

No other relocation company in Berlin offers this kind of tour!

We are here for you before the move, and after!


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